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Surveyors report on Structural Movement from a building survey of a house near Birmingham


Typical 1900 terrace house


The bottom corner of the annex beyond the drain corner was fractured and leaning outwards up to a height of about the tenth row of bricks. Movemnt considered to be due to historic drianage failure that had now been repaired.

The interior of the drian which ran adjacent to the corner was a modern plastic one and at very shallow depth.

There were no corresponding fractures in the kichen which had been replastered about ten years ago

Undulating bricks at low level on an outhouse. No corresponding movement on the interior. Movment likely to be due to poor foundation construction or past minign movmement as the area is know for undergroud lime stone mines. Report from the coal board recommended as a precaution.

Approximately vertical fracture of the juncture of the outhosue with the rest of the structure. Probably due to thermal movment of  a long south facing wall in the hot summer months. If the wall becomes too hot it expands beyond its elasticity and fractures. It can then never move back.



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