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Boundary Dispute and Nuisance Neighbour in Coventry

The dispute concerns the boundary between the wall shown at the foreground and the garage in the distance

The wall on the far side of the garage from the boundary is dry.

Damp staining of the wall and water penetration on the boundary side of the garage.


A view between the garage and adjacent property. The brick retains a build up of  material used to support paving slabs. The material is collecitng any water draining off the pavings causing damp in the garage.

                                    A views of the slabs and raised ground in relation to the floor slab of the garage which the dark band at the base of the garage wall. Note how the concrete supporting the slabs buckles so as to be beyond the outside face of the garage wall.


Note how the low garden boudary wall is set back behind the outside face of the house wall suggesting that the outside face of the house wall is the boundary.

Any raised materials forming the base of the pavings that are outside the house wall are thus over the boundary.





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